Name: Carl Anderson
B-Boy name: Cav/Cavalier
Birth place: Brixton, South London
Star sign: Libra
Languages Spoken: English
Hobbies: Music, Dance, Video Gaming, Comics, Movies

How it started:The passion & interest in dance started for cav when he was a young child aged 3-4 years old. Coming from a musical family, he got into music at a very early age and his way of expressing this was through dance which was all self taught.

The music which inspired Cav the most growing up was Funk, New jack swing & Hip hop, & these influences showed themselves in his popping dance style.

It was years later, one summer evening in 2002 on a night out with his brother, that Cav ended up dancing the night away & it was this that gave the final push & motivation needed to step back into dance to push his natural talent as far as he can.

Since then Cav has never looked back. He ended up doing a number of shows over the years & was introduced to Vitamin through his brother who was a good friend & through this friendship he learnt of The Imperial Steps crew.

During my primary school years i got into poppin & locking, & me & my friends would randomly put on shows for the school. Most of which at very short notice. As i got older i was more so a New jack swing dancer & its after this period i took a long break from the whole dance scene.

I’ve learnt to enjoy dance more over the years & appreciate it more & do the best i can with it. I’ve decided to sticking with my strengths & what i do best as through doing this i can express myself through music better.