• Name: Lasse Laub
  • AKA: LasseHD
  • Birth place: Birkerød, Denmark
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Languages: Danish, English & French
  • Hobbies: b-boying, music, teaching

How it started

Lasse started breaking in 2000 taking classes with Kenneth “Wildkatz” Fogel at a dance school in Copenhagen. Kenneth was his teacher for many years and was a big inspiration for Lasse to continue developing his dance. In 2007 Lasse finished a one year hip hop education at Flow Dance Academy where he learned a lot about the foundation and history of b-boying and also dance styles like hip hop, locking, and house. It was at this point that Lasse really got motivated to invest all his time and energy in dance and started to understand the whole idea of b-boying. To combine the feeling, the music, the steps, the moves and put it all in to one flow.

In 2008 Lasse started practicing together with Redkid, who invited him to join Imperial Steps as one of four new Danish crew members. The Danish fraction of Imperial Steps set up a show for the Scandinavian qualification for Battle of the Year, with help from the international members. Lasse has been competing in battles all over Scandinavia including Floor Wars in Copenhagen, Urban Moves in Oslo & Soul Step in Gothenburg. In 2009 Lasse visited the UK members of ISC together with Redkid to practice and inspire each other.
Lasse has also started teaching b-boying to kids in Copenhagen and he feels it is important to give other people the opportunity to experience the joy of dancing he has experienced. Teaching also gives him something back by seeing the kids strive to improve and do crazy unexpected things.



Lasse plans to continue working on developing his b-boying skills and to go to London to study at university level and to practice and battle together with the UK members of the crew. The dream is to win battles together with ISC and become a serious contester at big events like Floor Wars & UK BBOY Championship.



Soul Sessions – 2009

Soul Sessions – 2009

Soul Sessions – 2009

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