• Name: David Tran
  • AKA: Tran-Roc
  • Birth place: Bristol, UK
  • Languages: English
  • Hobbies: Video games, Dance, Reading, Movies

How it started

David first started b-boying back in late 2005 when he was introduced to Vitamin’s class through a mutual friend. First he wasn’t interested and declined a few times as he wasn’t interested and had some misconceptions about this kind of dancing but his friend was persistent and finally he managed to drag him to the class.

Up to that point David’s knowledge of the dance was limited to what he saw on TV. He thought that while the dance was explosive and dynamic, there was no meaning or purpose to any of these movements. He realised he couldn’t have been more wrong.

The sceptical David has been converted! What he discovered was that every single facet of this dance had a meaning and purpose, there was a connection between the movements and music he did not noticed before. It had soul and lots of it! His initial doubts had all but vanished. What he initially saw as just a dance became an art form in his eyes.

I then became engrossed in this art form from its history to culture to music. – Tran-Roc

He was eventually introduced to a student crew called Plan Zer0 formed by members of Vitamin’s class. From there on David was able to take his interest in the dance further by exploring it and travelling abroad – something he had rarely done in the past – to participate in various events.

So far David has taken part in Scan Battles – Battle of the Year Scandinavia ’08 @ Kulturhuset Copenhagen in Denmark, The IDO World Hip Hop Championships in Bremen in Germany and he performed at Move It ‘08 @ Earls Court Olympia in London. He also put in appearance in Warsaw Challenge 2009 in Poland, We Are Animals @ Westbourne Studios and Thursday Night Throwdown – 1-on1 Toprock Battles @ Plan B in Brixton.

Even though currently David is very busy training to become a pharmacist he still has a passion for the dance and trains as much as he can.



Throwdown at Plan-B – 2008

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