Beginnings of The Imperial Steps Dance Group

In Oct 2001, Vitamin, who use to practice regularly with Perves’s class put together a crew of dedicated dancers. This crew of dedicated dancers were named The Imperial Steps and originally consisted of just 6 members:

  • Isaac ‘Vitamin’ Baptiste
  • Rashid ‘Illegal’ El-Gharras
  • Daniel ‘Bombjack’ Byron
  • Jody ‘Fuzz’ Schroder
  • Ian ‘Rug B Rock’ Lane
  • Daisuke ‘Wand’ Sakaguchi

The motivation behind Vitamin creating The Imperial Steps was due to a show that the original members did (The Imperial Steps’s very first show) on 18th October 2001 at the Camden Centre in Kings Cross. This was an unpaid launch show for MV2 (Millennium Volunteers) which also featured other various acts and showcases and was aimed at raising the profile of MV2 among other things.

After performing at the MV2 show this had motivated Vitamin to really take the newly formed The Imperial Steps seriously. With this in mind, The Imperial Steps was to be involved in other events such as the ICA EVENT: FUTURE VISIONS which was hosted and ran by Ortis of Live & Kicking TV, and MIND, BODY & SOUL, a charity show to help raise money for Leukaemia suffers.

Ever since 2001, Vitamin has organised and arrange for The Imperial Steps to do shows for various organisations such as the RUSHES SOHO 2003 SHORTS FILM AWARDS and the BREAKING CONVENTION 2005 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF HIP HOP DANCE THEATRE with IMPACT DANCE, held at Sadler’s Wells Dance Theatre in Angel.

Events History

You will find all the events that The Imperial Steps has been a part of here, split between Battles & Competitions; Press & Media Features; Showcases & Guest Appearances and Workshops.

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