Siegfried Francisco

  • Name: Siegfried Francisco
  • AKA: Ziggy
  • Birth place: Marseille, France
  • Languages: French, English
  • Hobbies: Dance, Health & Fitness,
    Plays Professionally in Handball Representing UK

How it started

Siegfried is a member of the Imperial Steps Dance Group that specialises in the street dance style, ‘Popping’. But dance was never on Siegfried’s list of things to do as a young boy, due to his parents being very strict and totally against the idea of him taking part in arts such as music and dance. Instead, he focused on IT and mathematics. Siegfried also had a passion for football and often dreamt about becoming a professional footballer.

At the age of 14 Siegfried started to take an interest in music, which was soon followed by dance after watching a dance movie with his two younger sisters.

Taking inspiration from poppers such as Popping Pete, Salah, Slick Dogg & Madd Chadd, Siegfried then started to teach himself robotics & animation at home and attending dance practice session in various parts of London.

But Popping wasn’t the only dance style that took Siegfried’s interest. In 2013, Siegfried joined Dance United where he took on contemporary dance. He also performed three times at central London theatres while at the company.

Siegfried is currently doing contemporary and ballet at university. He continues to follow his passion for Popping by practicing regularly and attending classes.


  • DGC Dance Show London (2012-2016)
  • Big Dance Bus Tour 2016 (London)
  • Beach Side Battle II 2016 (Brighton)
  • STEPSTAR Dance Show 2016
  • Pop City II 2016 (London)
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