Crazy Beni

Name: Szymon Bellon
B-Boy name: Crazy Beni
Birth place: Gdansk, Poland
Star sign: Cancer
Languages spoken: Polish, English
Hobbies: B-boying, teaching breaking, badminton, studying English, PC games, building model kits, fishing, music,

How it started:
Crazy Beni started break dancing in November 2002 with a dream of doing something original. As a youngster he tried his luck with ballroom dancing but never felt it was fulfilling enough.

Having seen B-boys and B-girls breaking in music videos and on the street, Crazy Beni looked into finding a place to train. At first he tried to teach himself the b-boy moves but then quickly joined a breaking crew. Music was his primary source of inspiration as he understood that in order to learn the steps, he first had to understand their origin.

Crazy Beni has always had the right attitude towards breaking and he enjoyed using it to further himself and entertain others with his breaking.

When Crazy Beni came to London he started atending shows and competitions as well as being helpful to others by teaching them breaking moves.

Crazy Beni met Vitamin in January 2007 when he was looking for a place to train while in London. He was eventually recruited into The Imperial Steps crew during June. The name “Crazy Beni” was due to his unique style and the way he moves.

When you work on your body, mind and soul you get the results! – Crazy Beni