Planet Name: Mazen Barkat
B-Boy name: PLANET
Birth place: Wilaya Biskra, Algeria
Star sign: Scorpio
Languages spoken: English, French, Algerian, Arabic, Spanish
Hobbies: Practicing, Reading, Anime

How it started:

Planet, originally from Wilaya Biskra, Algeria, grew up in Paris which was where he began his B-Boying in 1997 at the age of 16. He now lives in London and has an extensive dance history.

On the commercial side of the dance scene Planet has extensive credits to his name. These include music videos for artists such as Madonna and Simon Webbe.

He has toured Paris as part of the show ‘Fathy Couba Colectif’ and much of the Niger region in Africa as part of a mixed French and African dance contingent. He has also had roles in French movies and various commercials on TV.

Planet has enjoyed success in various showcases and exhibitions and gained respect within the B-Boy community through various contests and battles with his old crew Coup2pression in France. Third place in the prestigious French B-Boying Championship is another one of his impressive achievements.

Since 2002, Planet has given much back to the community through regular teaching at various locations in France and now also in London.