Redkid Name: Christian Spiros Motsenigou Kronsted
B-Boy name: Redkid
Birth place: Hvidover, Copenhagen, Denmark
Star sign: Aries
Languages spoken: Danish, English, French, Greek
Hobbies: Video games, Magic The Gathering, novelist, poet, music, MCing, art

How it started:
Redkid started dancing in early 2003 after seeing a friend performing at a show in Copenhagen. In the beginning dancing was a just a small hobby to past the time while Redkid was not busy playing tournament level Badminton. But some how Redkid knew that Badminton wasn’t not where his heart was. It was only when Redkid’s knees where damaged from badminton that he sat down a made a decision to be come a dancer.

Redkid did not know much about hip-hop culture until he was introduced to Joel and Karen at the Hotstepper dance studio. Here he was quickly immersed in the Danish hip-hop community where his fascination and curiosity about this amazing culture lead him into a quest for more. It has always been a principal for Redkid that to fully understand a subject you most understand its roots. He quickly became a dedicated student going to hip-hop related events so he could learn more.

Redkid took to the scene properly when he was introduced to Marc Ray, who was in charge of The idea behind was to do shows and workshops everywhere in Denmark to spread the message of breaking to the Danish people and to deliver quality performances.

Redkid’s very first breaking battle in late 2003 was at the Copenhagen local jam called ‘Battle of the Month’ and has since then been entering battles whenever he had the chance. From 2003 until mid 2005 Redkid has been entering battles in Denmark, Sweden and Norway either on his own or with other B-Boys from his circle of friends.

Some battles and a few shows later in Scandinavia, Redkid flew to the UK to expand his desire for break-dancing. This was when he met Vitamin and was later to became a part of the Imperial Steps Crew.

For me hip-hop is a philosophy, a way that you live your life. And my love for this movement has only brought me great experiences. – Redkid