Tuway Name: Colin Williams
B-Boy name: TUWAY
Birth place: London, UK
Star sign: Capricorn
Languages Spoken: English, Patwa
Hobbies: DJing, Mc-ing, chess, video editing, web designing, pilot, acting, magician, radio presenting

How it started:
The genesis of Colin’s b-boy name spawns from his key move, performing the windmill both ways. He was one of the first people to be recognised for this move and thus was named Tuway.

Colin “Tuway” started B-Boying in 1982 in Covent Garden with many other UK B-Boys who would come and go, but to name a few there were: Perves, King B, Dolby D, Alex, Hulk, Cut master Swift, Danny Frances, Shuffle Master, Ossies Crew, London All Stars, Rock City, SAS, Bionic.

In 1984 Colin “Tuway” had already joined his first crew called ‘Groove Patrol’ and they won a competition called ‘The Summer Arts Festival’. As part of the prize they were broadcasted on ITV and then introduced to the ‘Rock Steady Crew’ (One of the earliest and most well-known B-Boys in the world).

A week after that particular meeting they met the ‘The Rock Steady Crew’ a second time, their crew had come to Covent Garden for what was to become a memorable battle. The famous ‘Rock Steady Crew’ laid down their sets and battled all the B-boys that were there, including Colin “Tuway”.

Colin “Tuway” has also written a book published in 1984 by Pawprint Books: “Breakdancing. Let Colin and Venol show you how. Venol went on to choreograph one of Michael Jackson’s best videos ‘Do you remember the Time’.

One of his most memorable moments so far was when his crew (then the TNT Rockers) came 3rd in the UK B-Boy Championship. ‘Street Machine’ crew came in first place with ‘Rock City’ taking 2nd. Trix was a member of ‘Rock City’ and he now hosts ‘the Battle of the Year’. Some of the other crews that were present were: London All Stars, Smak 19, Bboys, Street rollers and Sidewinders.