Name: Isaac Alexander Jno Baptiste
B-Boy name: Vitamin
Birth place: Forest Gate, London, UK
Star sign: Virgo
Languages spoken: English, basic Japanese
Hobbies: Dance, teaching dance, badminton, studying Japanese, video game

How it started:
1983 was the year that Isaac aka Vitamin, became involved in dance. While following the various and popular styles, such as Popping and New Jack Swing, Vitamin met another dancer, Colin Williams – aka Tuway. Tuway inspired and introduced Vitamin to new and different ways of dancing, opening up a number of avenues as well as revealing that dance wasn’t just about … dance.

Astonished to find that the urban dance scene was still going strong after a long break from the scene, Vitamin met with an old school breaker by the name of Perves. Perves old-skool style breaking was what drove Vitamin and encouraged him to take his dancing to a professional level.

Shortly after, Vitamin created the Imperial Steps Crew, which consisted of six members. After numerous performances and battles, he decided to start teaching for various schools and groups, which then progressed to Vitamin having his own breaking class at Danceworks, London.

During his time teaching at Danceworks he was surprised at the enthusiasm that some of his students showed for breaking. This ultimately lead him to form a new breaking crew made up of purely dedicated students from his Danceworks breaking classes in 2005 called Plan Zer0.

For me, style and finesse was what I was looking for in dance. It was a style that made breaking look like a proper dance. Dancing and hitting that beat every time with attitude. Not bad attitude, but the kind of attitude that adds character and shows when one dances from the heart, it means they love it. – Vitamin

With two breaking crews and a class, Vitamin hopes to take it further than ever, by opening more classes to teach dancers and to futher develop the two breaking crews he had founded.



Isaac Baptiste a.k.a B-Boy Vitamin makes an appearance in PLAN B’s hit single: SHE SAID. This time he takes a break from the breakin’ in favour of a Soul Dancing Court Officer. Will Plan B get the guilty verdict? It certainly seems that way:-D